Friday, March 29, 2013

Quality Coatings, Quality Service

Here at Veron we cater to our customers. Our standard turnaround time is three to four business days, shorter than most in our industry. That’s because we bend over backwards to get you what you need to get your job done. And when your deadline is even more trying, we can still come through. When necessary, we offer same day turnaround.

We also make sure the products we ship are of the highest quality. To use an example familiar to those who have pets, over the past few years the price of a bag of dog food has remained consistent, but the bags have gotten smaller. The same thing happened in our industry. Prices stayed the same but quality took a hit, and a big one at that. The main components of many coatings were taken out, replaced by cheaper resins and powders. That kept prices low, but ravaged quality.

At Veron we never thought that was an acceptable trade-off. There’s no upside to a poor quality coating. It reflects negatively on us, it damages the reputations of the contractors we supply to, and it frustrates customers. For a contractor, there’s no point in using a cheaper coating when it means that they have to keep returning to the same jobs after the coatings wear out prematurely.

Our coatings here at Veron have better weathering resistance and better chemical resistance than those of the competition, because we never sabotaged our products. We’ve taken the brunt of rising material costs and, when necessary, pulled some coatings off of the market. But as times change and construction rebounds, we bring those coatings back online.

This is all our way of taking care of our customers, and in turn their customers—by providing coatings when you need them at the high quality you expect.